The revolution has begun


Championing sustainability and innovation, Piaggio accelerates the arrival of the future with the new Piaggio 1, the zero-emission electric scooter. In recognition of the values it represents and its link with nature, a special edition has been designed in partnership with international designer Feng Chen Wang. There’s news with the rest of the range too, starting with the Piaggio Beverly, more versatile than ever and with a fiercely sporty style. Download the brochure to discover all the Piaggio 2022 news.

Piaggio 1: 100% Electric

Feng Chen Wang x Piaggio: tomorrow’s urban mobility meets the future of authentic, multidimensional fashion in a dialogue between two leading players with a shared vision based on sustainability and individual freedom.



Original Piaggio Accessories

The Piaggio accessories range is designed to deliver techonology and functionality, and is brimming with elements that add another level of comfort, safety and versatility to everyday riding.
We want you to be able to simply enjoy your bike to the max with total peace of mind. It’s as simple as that.