Piaggio 1

43 900 SEK

29 900 SEK

(Also available as 25 km/h version in Sweden)

Emissions 0.
The quality, safety and gritty nature long associated with Piaggio scooters is reinterpreted with an electric motor to deliver a wonder of technology that enables you to enjoy urban living with emission-free joy. With a range of 55 km in ECO mode, speed of up to 45 km/h, a 1.4 kWh removable battery and a host of smart details and functions, the Piaggio 1 is revolutionising two-wheel mobility.

Super silent

A new intuitive and quit driving experience, perfect for all your commutes.


To make the world a better place. Because you’re young, but you weren’t born yesterday.

It´s just like charging your smartphone. Simply plug into a normal power outlet.


How do you power an electric scooter? All you need is a standard plug to charge your Piaggio 1 whenever and wherever you want, thanks to removable batteries.


Say good bye to the queuing at the fuel pump and enjoy zipping around town with not a care in the world.

Maintenance light

Electric vehicles are far less complicated than traditional ones, making your life much simpler.

Easy to ride.

Riding a Piaggio 1 is ridiculously simple, with the same handling and safety you´d expect from any authentic Piaggio scooter. Even if you´ve never ridden a scooter before, you´ll find it a breeze to ride.